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A car accident can result in various injuries. These can range from a minor scratch to whiplash or worst immobility. If you or a loved one are experiencing any pain resulting from a car accident in Lakewood WA, it is important that you clearly understand the extent of your injuries so that you can receive the proper long-term care.

Get the care needed immediately after an accident to alleviate pain:

Dr. Thomas Young specializes in whiplash treatment for patients involved in a car accident in Lakewood WA. One in six car accidents can result in a case of whiplash. Whiplash is a potentially chronic and painful condition that can benefit from chiropractic care.

Getting the body back on track after a car accident can be tedious and frustrating. Due to the release of adrenaline and other stress hormones, the body may not be able to feel the full extent of some internal injuries with the spine (i.e. whiplash, tissue damage or a bulging disc) until hours later. It is important to seek treatment right away. Dr. Young’s years of experience as a car accident chiropractor in Lakewood WA will help you get the proper treatment you need.

Car Accident Chiropractor Lakewood WA

Our rehabilitative care can help with the following conditions after a car accident:

  • Neck pain or lower back pain
  • Tingling, numbness or pain in the limbs
  • Loss of range of motion
  • Dizziness, headaches or blurred vision
  • Trouble walking

Chiropractic care with other non-invasive modalities can aid in healing the body faster after a car accident by balancing the nervous system:

Because the effects of whiplash are often delayed, receiving a full spinal analysis and posture screening after an accident is extremely important. It serves as the initial step to formulating a treatment program. Whether it is neck pain, soreness, or burning soft tissue pain, chiropractic care can aid in returning the body to its pre-accident condition. We will work with you to find the most effective course of action.

Treatments for auto and work injuries at our clinic include:

Get comprehensive treatment for your injuries from our expert car accident Chiropractor in Lakewood WA.

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Lakewood Natural Medicine and Chiropractic works with many types of insurance. Our office can counsel you on how to file a car accident claim or you can review our insurance information page for more details.

Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage is mandatory for nearly all auto insurance policies. With PIP coverage in place, you and all the passengers in the car are insured regardless of who is at fault for an accident (typically up to $15,000). It also covers you if you are a pedestrian or a cyclist. PIP insurance covers medical expenses and lost wages and will pay for your care of injuries including costs and co-pays for chiropractic care, out-of-pocket prescription costs or other similar costs.

Patients Love What We Do!

Dr. Young is AMAZING! I can darn near crawl into his office with a thrown out back then with some treatment and manipulation walk out in comfort. I really like the fact he takes his time to explain in detail what the problems are that I am facing and give me the correct recommendations for solving my tweeks and pulled muscles. Highly Recommended

Dean P.

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I am a true testament to the care under Dr. Young. I’ve been going to this facility for about 3 years. The treatment plans have made a huge Improvement in my life. The gut cleanse body detox and essential oils have also made a big impact on my life and my health. I’m truly grateful for not only getting good care but getting educated on the body and the mind. I really appreciate the people at this office.
Sincerely Teresa

Teresa P.

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